The Nature Volunteers (TNV), a not-for-profit organisation of MP, has been at the forefront of the conservation movement.
We believe that there is a great need to generate awareness about environment and nature. To give an insight into the world of animals and birds – conserving them and their habitat and make more and more people aware and sensitive about co-existing with nature – its fauna and flora.
In its endeavour to achieve this, TNV has been organizing many a programmes and now TNV has organized a three day ornithology course from Thursday, 17th Nov 2016 evening to Sunday, 20th Nov 2016 noon.
The course was spread over four days comprising six sessions:…
Experts from the Ela Foundation, Pune conducted the workshop.
Faculty of the Course were:
Dr. Satish A. Pande
MD (Radiology & Imaging)
DNB (Radiology & Imaging)
PhD (Env. Scn.: Ornithology),
Fellow Maharashtra Academy of Science
Fellow of The Linnean Society of London
Professor and Director, Ela Foundation, Pune
Editor In Chief, Ela Journal of Forestry & Wildlife (The Official E-Journal of Maharashtra Forest Department)
Dr. Suruchi S. Pande
PhD (Philosophy)
PhD (Birds in Sanskrit Literature)
Post-Doc (Owl in Indian Culture)
Vice Chair, Ela Foundation
Head, Nilkanth Joshi Lab of Ethno-Ornithology, OENSL, Pune;
Researcher and Author
Shri. Rajkumar Pawar
Cert. Ornith.
Managing Director, Ela Habitat, Pune