Archana Godbole at Sirpur in Dec 2014
Archana Godbole at Sirpur Lake
Archana Godbole at Sirpur Lake

Dr. Archana Godbole is a Founder director of the Applied Environmental Research Foundation ( AERF ) and currently represents it as an observer on the Forest Investment Programme (FIP) Sub-committee. A plant taxonomist and ethno-biologist by training, she has developed various programmes of AERF through the work on the ground far last 18 years. She has been responsible for developing various programmes and initiatives of AERF and has represented AERF on many national as well as international Fora.

The Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) has been working for conservation on the ground in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot region in India for the last 18 years though five thematic programmes . AERF is committed to work through research and its implementation in order to achieve balance between conservation and development.

AERF believes in establishing a link between research and its effective use in the process of development for poverty alleviation, sustainable resource use and participatory conservation. AERF has a program called Communities, Conservation and Climate Change through which the organization addresses issue of climate change and prepares communities to research, select or develop adaptations . In researching the adaptations in traditions AERF has been supporting the revival of traditional knowledge both for forest conservation and agrobiodiversity conservation. In the western Ghats of India AERF works in States of Maharashtra and Goa and has a few collaborative projects with organizations working in Tamilnadu and Kerala.

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